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The Takeout is a food and pop culture website from the folks who brought you The A.V. Club and The Onion.

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What is The Takeout?

The Takeout is a food and pop culture website from the folks who brought you The A.V. Club and The Onion.

Hey, another food site on the internet.

We love sites like Roads & Kingdoms, Eater, Munchies, and we've got friends who work there and do fantastic work. We're lucky that The Takeout is based in Chicago, and we believe covering food and culture from our perch in the Midwest offers a different perspective. But we won't be strictly Americana; The Takeout intends to follow our curiosities—and our noses—to wherever there's an interesting story to tell, a special recipe to share.


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What is your comment policy?

(This passage is copied directly from The A.V. Club, because what goes there goes at The Takeout as well.)

We love the comments section, along with the discussions and community they foster. We take the "club" aspect of our name seriously—it's your site too. But here's the deal: We strive to cover pop culture with intelligence and wit, and we assume that's what brought you here. Abusive/offensive/obscene posts simply don't contribute to that goal.


These are some of the things we find unacceptable:

  • Flagrant attacks on other commentators, staffers, or interview / review subjects, particularly aggressive, insulting posts with no other point to make. Unacceptable: "You're a dick!" Acceptable: "Only a dick would watch Con Air six times in a row!" Better: "You watched Con Air six times?! You should've taken IQ tests before and after to see how it affected you."
  • Offensive commentary on interview / review subjects, including but not limited to ad hominem thoughts on how they look, how they might smell, and exactly what you'd like to do to them in bed. Hate on their work all you want, but attacking them for their appearance is childish, and providing detailed commentary on your sexual reaction to them is, well, icky. If you did that at our party at our house, you wouldn't be invited back.
  • Racist, homophobic, or sexist remarks. Don't assume that everyone else gets your sarcasm, irony, over-the-top tone, etc. Attack comments don't get a free pass just because you "didn't really mean it."
  • Blatant trolling.
  • Blatant plugs for your own website.
  • Offensive images or GIFs.
  • One more thing to keep in mind: We can't be everywhere at once. You can help us maintain the quality of our community. If you see someone behaving offensively in the comments, contact us.