Kat Olvera

Photo of Kat Olvera
Salem, Oregon
Oregon State University
Vegan Food, Sourdough, Trader Joe's
  • Kat loves finding and trying new vegan restaurants anywhere she goes.
  • She started her food blog after learning the value of eating with the seasons.
  • Kat spent almost a third of her life on the road, traveling the United States, and has a fondness for foods from every place she has ever visited.


Kat has been writing professionally since 2018 and has written for several Static Media sites. Her background in history combined with her love of food exploration puts her right at home at The Takeout. She is the former editor-in-chief of HorrOrigins.com and has written for sites like All That's Interesting, Bitter Feminist Drinks, and MatchaKo. She has a book published through The History Press and two full-length poetry collections published under the pseudonym Terra Vagus. She has also been published in several poetry anthologies. Kat's passion for food came in 2018 when she stopped eating animal products. This change opened doors to a new variety of food she loves experimenting with. She's a member of what might be considered too many Trader Joe's groups online and frequents the store like it's her second home.


Kat is pursuing a degree in anthropology at Oregon State University.

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