Brian Udall

Photo of Brian Udall
Cincinnati, Ohio
University Of Utah
Cocktails, Service Industry, Homemade Pasta
  • The majority of Brian's professional life has involved food, from his first job at the local bakery in Ohio to serving fine Italian dishes in Texas to mixing craft cocktails in Utah.
  • He interviewed some of the biggest names in Salt Lake's thriving culinary scene.
  • He keeps his loved ones close at hand through the power of home cooking.


Brian has been a writer for six years. He got his start writing about music for SLUG Magazine (Salt Lake Underground) but because of his familiarity with the bar and restaurant scene he quickly moved into writing about food and beverage. His favorite flavor profile is smoky, which is why Mezcal and Mole is his favorite pairing.


Brian has a bachelor's degree in International Studies from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

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