Angela L. Pagán

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Northern Illinois University
Fast Food, Food Trends, Quick Service Restaurants
  • Angela appeared on an episode of "Dr. Phil" to discuss cultural appropriation on TikTok regarding food.
  • Her first article for The Takeout was a detailed history of the demise of the McDonald's McWrap.
  • Her brief experience as a legal intern has given her an enthusiasm for covering legal battles involving food brands like MrBeast Burger, Taco Bell vs. Taco John's, and others.


Angela is an experienced journalist born and raised in Chicago, where she still resides. She previously managed social media for Familia Kitchen, a small business website dedicated to curating and celebrating Latinx family recipes and the stories behind them, and has written freelance pieces for Resy. Angela loves diving into and potentially uncovering emerging trends in the food world, such as how we've become a nation obsessed with sauce or how the fast food industry can't seem to stop violating child labor laws.


Angela has a bachelor's degree in journalism and anthropology from Northern Illinois University.

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