Brianna Lopez

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New York
The New School, Barry University
NYC Restaurants, Baking & Buying Desserts, Bagels & Coffee
  • Brianna started a "good eats" highlight on her Instagram stories in 2019 and has garnered a group of followers who love to know what she's eating and where.
  • She started the blog "wait... don't eat yet" for foodies who post every one of their meals on their Instagram stories (herself included).
  • She has crowned herself the bagel, cookie, and taco queen just because she eats so many of them.


Brianna joined Static Media in 2023 as a feature writer and has worked as a freelance writer since 2021, focusing on her local communities. She's written about small businesses, politics, and restaurants in Brooklyn and Miami, and her truest passion is writing about all things food in her hometown, New York City. Her obsession with food and posting her meals led her to create her blog and pursue a more food-focused writing career. Brianna is also a deputy editor at The Inquisitive Eater, a food magazine at The New School, where she works with the editorial team to publish a range of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction food writing submissions. She also works in book publishing, where she is an assistant production editor on a range of nonfiction and fiction books.


Brianna holds a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in professional writing from Barry University in Miami, Florida, and is currently pursuing a master's in fine arts in creative nonfiction writing at The New School in NYC.

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