Costco Pizza Owes Its Deliciousness To A Robot

I love Costco, especially the food court. Truth be told, most days I'll pass up that $1.50 hot dog combo in favor of a slice of ginormous, delicious pizza. Now my friends at Reader's Digest are here to explain to me just why my favorite store slice is so amazing.

Given the current wedding between technology and pizza, I really should have known: Costco pizza greatness is the work of a pizza robot. RD reports, "Costco works hard to make sure their pizza is practically perfect every time, and it's all thanks to a secret pizza robot. This magical machine evenly distributes their delicious sauce on the pizza dough, putting all of your at-home pizza experiments to shame." Well, that's for sure; due to that uniform layering of sauce, cheese, and toppings, every slice is perfect and precise, nary a pepperoni out of place.

Once it goes in the oven, the pizza is heated from all angles in a mere six minutes. Also, "to ensure that it's always fresh, any pizza that isn't sold within an hour gets replaced with one straight out of the oven." See, I knew I wasn't crazy for loving Costco pizza. Looks like it's time to visit the big box store and have my favorite lunch this weekend.