The Surprising Way Costco Slices Up Its Pizza To Uniform Perfection

I'm not going to kid myself when I say that the Costco food court is one of my favorite (if not actual favorite) parts about the massive warehouse club. I mean, $1.50 for a hot dog and a soda? Two bucks for a slice of pizza? Are you kidding? Part of the satisfaction in the food is its consistency — it's all the same jumbo hot dogs and large servings of pizza. And when you order a slice, it's hard not to wonder how they manage to cut them so uniformly, because a whole pie is a whopping 18 inches in diameter. 


Though I'd like to tell you that consistently slicing a pizza with a regular pizza cutter is a mindlessly easy task, I can tell you from my time in a pizza kitchen that it's not, especially when you're slammed with business. One wrong cut across the pizza, and you end up with a few puny slices while the others are massive. A video I stumbled across on social media shows an unusual metal tool that ensures each Costco pizza gets cut into six identical honkin' big slices, making me not-so-secretly wish I'd had one of these things back in my pizza-slinging days.

Costco employees use a unique tool to slice their pizza

The TikTok video shows that the key to Costco's uniformly sliced pizza is what I'd describe as a metal "pizza fence" or "cutting guide." It's a hexagonally-shaped metal tool that's placed directly on top of an uncut pizza straight from the oven, with three slots that run across the diameter of the 18-inch pie. The slots are just the right size for a pizza cutter to fit into, and by using a firm hand, the Costco employee can efficiently and accurately slice the thing into even portions.


tada 🎉 Costco pizza is the best I never knew have a cut it until I saw this and took a video. had to share it so cool.

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That way you're not feeling jealous of the person before you having received a bigger slice, nor do you have to feel disappointed about potentially having gotten a smaller one. Though honestly at $2, your financial commitment would be low enough that you could easily order another and still have spent less than $5. This is a fun tidbit of knowledge you can whip out at your next party. And if you see the pizza fence in action the next time you visit Costco, you'll know exactly what it is, as you sit down to enjoy your cheap, cheap, lunch.