How A Jack In The Box Order Nearly Cost A Pro Golfer $3,000

Pro golfer Bud Cauley nearly threw away $3,000 after it was stored in a Jack in the Box bag.

We're watching The Sopranos for the first time at home right now. It seems like the characters in the show exclusively carry their cash around in beat-up wrinkly paper bags, which makes me wonder how the parcels don't get mistaken for garbage sometimes. Pro golfer Bud Cauley recently made the decision to transport $3,000 in cold hard cash in an empty Jack in the Box bag, and that decision nearly cost him all of it. Golf magazine reports on how his impromptu dining trip nearly became his most expensive fast food meal ever.

Cauley recounted the story to Golf on an episode of the Subpar Podcast. After teaming up with his friend Drew Kittleson for a high-stakes game of cornhole in which they came in first, winning the top prize of $3,000, Cauley and Kittleson decided to make a pit stop in their Uber ride at Jack in the Box for some food. Once they made it back to Kittleson's house, they made the shocking discovery that the money had disappeared.

At first, the two buddies pointed the finger at each other, wondering if the other had the money. But it soon became clear that the cash was missing. Then Cauley and Kittleson decided to track down the Uber driver to see where the money had gone.

"A friend of mine comes over and picks us up, and we start chasing after the Uber driver telling him there's $3,000 in your car, we know you have it, blah, blah, blah," Cauley told Golf. "He thinks we are insane. He's like, 'Listen, there's no money back here.'" It turns out the Uber driver wasn't kidding around.

Meanwhile, Kittleson called his neighbor to see if it somehow ended up in the trash, and lo and behold, he had some good news.

Cauley said, "The guy walks across the street. He says, 'I got some cash, I got some Jack In The Box, and oh, what do you know? I have $3,000 sitting in this Jack In The Box bag."

The story ended well, and apologies were given to the Uber driver. "Needless to say we tipped the Uber driver pretty handsomely for our stupidness," Cauley said. So I guess while characters in The Sopranos seem to be able to keep their finances in check despite the garbagey-looking paper bags they use, not everyone can roll the same way.