Balenciaga Would Like To Sell You $1,050 Grocery Bags

In what would surely be the most expensive thing I'd accidentally shove under my kitchen sink, Balenciaga has just released a line of $950-plus "supermarket shopper" bags. They're made of lambskin, not plastic, but they're meant to mimic, you know, grocery bags.

Choose from a large red "Europe"-printed bag; a yellow-and-white "Believe in Dreams" bag; or a $650 green zip-top Supermarket Clip coin purse. All are available for preoder (so popular!) and will ship in February 2018.

This follows a strange pattern of luxury brands imitating quotidian objects, including Balenciaga's previous release of what is basically a $2,000 IKEA bag and Tiffany's "Everyday Objects" $9,000 ball of yarn.

If you don't preorder Balenciaga's grocery bags in time, fear not. I have some plastic ones stashed in my trunk that I'd be willing to part with. For you, dear The Takeout readers, I will offer them for a mere $500.