The Most Popular Pie In Every State

Two classic varieties are battling it out for No. 1 in the nation.

Since it can be prepared cold or hot, baked or no-bake, pie is the most popular dessert at the summer barbecue and seamlessly continues its reign into the colder months of the year. And now, Wise Voter (the same analytics platform that let us know Albertsons grocery stores rule the West) has shared data that indicates pies are the number-one most popular dessert of the fall season—certain varieties more than others.

Based on an analysis of the most popular dessert-related search terms nationwide, Wise Voter built a map indicating the most beloved pie in every US state. Pecan pie narrowly edged out the all-American apple pie as the top contender across the country, with 15 states searching more for pecan than any other variety. Here are some other insights from the data:

  • Apparently Maine is the only state in which anyone cares much about poor little rhubarb pie. I thought this was a little sad until I remembered that rhubarb, despite its tart flavor within this dessert, is a vegetable. It also makes sense that it claimed the top spot in Maine in front of other pies because that is the state where it first arrived in the US from Europe.
  • Although pecan and apple pie dominated 29 out of 50 states, some other interesting frontrunners color the map: key lime pie (four states), coconut cream pie (three states), and pumpkin pie (three states).
  • It's no surprise that key lime would take first place in Florida, as a citrus-fruit-based dish—though it must be said that key lime pie is not the official state dessert.
  • I have to say I am severely disappointed in my home state of Illinois for its pie searches. Apple pie takes first place, and coconut cream takes second? Where the hell did that come from? On top of the fact that pumpkin pie is the ultimate fall dessert, Illinois is by far the largest grower of pumpkins in the US, providing almost half of the nation's supply. Yet pumpkin pie comes in third on our list. Make it make sense.
  • Since the map was formed by compiling users' search data, the popularity of certain pies could indicate that these are the ones people enjoy baking at home the most and need a recipe for. Apple pie came in second place across the nation, perhaps because everyone's looking to use up their bushels from a trip to the apple orchard. Similarly, other popular pies—blueberry, cherry, and rhubarb—could point to people's backyard garden haul.
  • If you disagree with the listings in your state, you can always break from tradition and bake a nonstandard pie for yourself. Maybe you'll start a new trend altogether.