The Saucy McDonald's Trick For A Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich

Why wait for fast food chains to update their menus with new items when TikTok menu hackers have already done the work for you? Yes, another fast food menu hack involving a McDonald's chicken sandwich and dipping sauces has caught the attention of fast food lovers.


The simple but saucy hack adds McDonald's spicy Buffalo and ranch dipping sauces to a Spicy McCrispy to make a Buffalo chicken ranch sandwich. One search for this DIY menu item yields hundreds of videos, some with millions of views. The TikTok posted by creator @hasaneats, the possible originator of this hack, has over 6.3 million views. A similar saucy McDonald's TikTok hack involving the chain's McNuggets and a trio of dipping sauces also inspired videos with millions of views, so maybe a saucy McDonald's meal is what the people want. 


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My motto for any food hack, but especially a fast food-based hack is that it must add some level of convenience or save money. Let's see if this Buffalo chicken ranch hack fulfills its duty or is just another saucy mess.

How to make a saucy Buffalo ranch chicken sandwich

Of the multiple McDonald's menu hacks circulating on the internet, this is thankfully one of the most simple. I opted to order a full meal, but all it takes to carry out the hack is the sandwich and two little condiments (which came free of charge).


Order a Spicy McCrispy and take it out of its packaging. Place the sandwich on a plate, remove the patty, and place it back in the original takeout bag. Then, open up the spicy Buffalo dipping sauce and drizzle it into the bag with the chicken patty. Do the same with the ranch sauce, close up the bag, and shake it up like a box of Shake 'n Bake.

You can then remove the sauce-soaked chicken patty with your hand (or a fork if you want to be delicate about getting sauce on your fingers, though that won't matter once you start eating). Place the patty back on its bun, and bam: You've completed the basic level of this Buffalo ranch chicken hack.

What the McBuffalo Ranch Chicken hack tastes like

Once again I hesitate to call this saucy creation a hack. By my definition, a hack should be extra convenient or save money, but this creates more work. Sure, it's not a lot of work but it's still more work than you would expect when ordering from a menu with numbered items.


As for the taste of the sauces, they do work well together. The spicy Buffalo sauce leaves a small bit of spice tingling on your lips while the creamy ranch dressing cools everything down enough to prevent each bite from burning taste buds away. I added a few more drops of the ranch because I prefer it over the Buffalo, but that's the beauty of this type of so-called "hack" — customization.

The negative side of this trick is the sogginess the sauce adds to the sandwich. A Spicy McCrispy already comes with its own sauce on the patty and then this trick adds two more sauces that soak into the (barely) crispy breading. However, a fast food chicken sandwich aficionado already knows going into this that McDonald's is not in the top tier of this category to begin with.


Would I try this hack again? Maybe. Is it worth its price? Absolutely yes, considering the fact that the two dipping sauces did not add to the cost of the meal at all. If you love a saucy sandwich then this is the hack for you.