The McDonald's Saucy TikTok Hack Proves The Internet Isn't Always Right

This viral Mcnugget hack shouldn't have left TikTok.

All over TikTok and other platforms, people have found creative ways to customize their fast food orders. Whether that's filling a Hotcake with a Yogurt Parfait to make a McCrepe or stacking burger patties, hash browns, and eggs to make the McBrunch Burger, the McDonald's menu has become a blank canvas for fast food tips and tricks.

The chain itself is well aware of and often ready to capitalize on this trend. Back in 2022, McDonald's released a "Hacked Menu" consisting of menu item bundles meant for customers to take apart and assemble into different "hacked" creations. One such invention was the Surf and Turf, which is a Double Cheeseburger with a Filet-O-Fish patty sandwiched in the middle.

Another hack to join the mix is a sauced-up combo of McNuggets and french fries. The hack itself has been around on TikTok since as far back as 2021, and in many variations, with some videos receiving millions of views. If this particular hack of shaking up McNuggets and fries with different sauces has enough staying power to remain popular on the platform, then it's got to be pretty good, right? Time to find out for myself. Here's how to transform your McNugget meal into a saucier serving.

What you need for the McDonald’s saucy McNugget hack

The biggest upside to fast food menu hacks is that you do none of the cooking but get all of the flavor combination payoff, and that's exactly what this hack is all about. To make it happen, you'll need to order some McNuggets, french fries, and three dipping sauces. By default, the three sauces to order for this hack are Tangy BBQ, Spicy Buffalo, and Sweet N' Sour. Depending on the size of your McNugget combo meal order, you may get the choice of two sauces and then just have to request the third.


Another upside to fast food hacks is that you don't have to follow them to the letter, if you don't want to. If Spicy Buffalo isn't your jam, McDonald's also offers ranch sauce, honey mustard, and good ol' fashioned ketchup. The flavor possibilities of this hack stretch well beyond three little dipping cups.

How to do the McDonald’s saucy McNugget hack

Your first step of this hack will be to pour some of your french fries onto the McNuggets. The key to successfully pull off this menu trick is to consider the right ratio of nuggets to fries. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I may have been a little overzealous with the amount of fries I poured into the nugget container.


Next, you'll take each dipping sauce one by one and drizzle it over the nuggets and fries like you're dressing a salad. Depending on the dipping sauce, it may come down in glops, so do your best to pour from the corner of the sauce cup. The Sweet N' Sour sauce is one of the easier sauces to do this with because of its consistency.

Once all the sauces are poured, you'll close the container and shake it all up. This will, hopefully, help evenly distribute the sauces and coat the nuggets and fries, leaving you with a saucy new creation. After some good shaking, what you end up with is reminiscent of soggy loaded nachos. The Spicy Buffalo does overpower the Tangy BBQ and Sweet N' Sour a bit, so I would recommend either swapping it out or just using less than the full cup.


McDonald's fries already have somewhat of a bad rep for being less than crisp, but this hack does it on purpose. Maybe we should call this the McSoggy Nachos? The concoction as a whole wasn't a complete fail, though. Consider this: Who doesn't like that one loaded nacho chip that has all the cheese, guacamole, meat, and other toppings weighing it down a bit? A little soggy bite never hurt anybody.