You Might Order Restaurant Delivery From TikTok Soon

TikTok is testing food delivery in its Chinese markets.

Hot off the heels of the news that Roku will allow you to order food while watching TV, we recently learned that ByteDance (parent company of TikTok), is testing a service in China that allows users to place orders directly with restaurants. But CNBC reports that this particular service is a little different than Roku's instant gratification-type ordering system, and is a little more on the practical side for both customers and restaurant operators.

How would ordering through ByteDance work, theoretically?

TikTok's counterpart in China is called Douyin. In China, it's common for restaurant owners to livestream on Douyin to promote their businesses, and during those streams, they can offer discounts or deals to those watching. Once a customer buys from them, they're given a two day window to choose what time the food is eventually delivered.


What would be the benefits to ordering through ByteDance?

Well, for the customer, the discount's the big thing. But on the restaurant's end, it's convenient for them to know just how much food to anticipate prepping, when it should be prepared by, and the time of delivery. Being ahead of the game is great for a restaurant's service.


And honestly, the idea of planning ahead for tomorrow's dinner (with a discount, no less), sounds pretty appealing. Getting a great deal might just be the catalyst for me to commit to ordering food early, especially if it's from a local restaurant I'm interested in trying.

That said, I'd also want to know that this wouldn't be a predatory service to the restaurants like third-party ordering services can often be. It begs the question of just how many avenues companies can use to sell us even more products and services. Roku? TikTok? Seriously, how much more of our attention span is left?