You Can Cook With... A Banana Peel?!

Wait, so hold up. You can eat banana skin?!

Apparently kitchen icon Nigella Lawson does, and it's got the Internet very curious right now. In news I very much didn't know, you can cook banana peel and turn it into a dish that mimics eggplant, er, aubergine. The Guardian shares two versions, one from Lawson and one from chef Nadiya Hussain. Lawson's version becomes a banana skin and cauliflower curry, which all in all, sounds good, though my brain is imagining a somewhat stringy, chewy, texture.

She first softens them with some hot water, and gradually transforms them into a curry that I'd be hard-pressed to recognize as banana. Lawson debuted the recipe on the first episode of her show, Cook, Eat, Repeat, and she herself commented on the banana peel thing.

The screenshots of tweets on the Daily Mail's recap of the show are what you'd expect. One commenter said, "2020 just got more bonkers. Banana skins in a curry. #nigella" Now I hope someone tries this. The show is currently only airing in the UK, meaning we unfortunate Americans can't see the episode.

Nadiya Hussain makes banana peel burgers, which she likens to pulled pork. (Hussein, if you're not familiar, won the Great British Baking Show's sixth season.) Heart shares Hussein's version, and she explains it like this. "Don't chuck the peel away, cook it up with some onion, garlic, some bbq sauce, stick it in a burger and you have pulled pork, pulled chicken." This sounds pretty good to me too, but ya'll know I'll pretty much eat anything. Maybe I can mix it with some Sauce and report back to you.