The World's Most Hated Fast Food Chains Aren't Exactly Surprising

Bonus: Can you guess which brand is most loathed in the United States?

As much as we love best-of lists, it's hard not to be fascinated with worst-of lists, too. They appeal to my innate fascination with people's preferences—especially if those preferences don't line up with my own. Along those lines, online review hub RAVE Reviews has released data on the most-hated brands in the world. There's a whole section dedicated to the most-hated fast food brands in every country, and you just know it caught our eye.

Rave Reviews used SentiStrength, a language analysis tool, to scan over a million brand-related tweets and determine whether the overall sentiment toward those brands was negative or positive. RAVE Reviews then compiled the most loathed brands in every country based on "hate rate," or the highest percentage of negative tweets. (By the way, this is non-food related, but Uber was the most hated brand overall in the United States, at 48.35% negative tweets. Just... something to consider.)

I'll start with some surprises, including one stat that I found particularly entertaining. The most hated fast-food brand in Canada is... Orange Julius. What the hell? That's so specific! I've had the chain's signature Orange Julius drink a few times, and it's pretty good considering that it's basically just a Dreamsicle in a cup. Maybe 47.06% of negative tweeters are be unhappy with themselves, because they decided to go to a place with approximately two things on the menu.

In other news, Russia hates Starbucks (58.33% negative tweets), Mexico hates Taco Bell (30% negative tweets), and South Africa hates Wendy's (46.74% haters on Twitter). I mean, Wendy's is fine, but I wouldn't call it the worst. Even though its new fries are lackluster.

Okay, okay, I won't leave you hanging: The most hated fast food brand in the United States is... Domino's. The pizza chain came in at 39.16% negative tweets. Does that seem surprising to you, too? Domino's is more or less in the "okay" category in my head. I assumed Burger King or another burger chain would get the shaft, since burgers can swing so far between amazing and terrible.

And the fast food joint most hated around the world is KFC, with the highest hate rate in 14 countries. This might be partially due to the fact that KFC has simply been an established global brand for so long. KFC opened outlets in China years before McDonald's did, after all, and in many countries KFC locations vastly outnumber other major American fast food brands. But who knows? Maybe KFC's hate rate is so high because... it's KFC.

If you've got a few minutes, be sure to study the map, because the fact that residents of St. Vincent and the Grenadines hate KFC so much is information that needs to take up valuable space in your head.