That's A Lot Of Red Eyes: World's Largest Pot Brownie Clocks In At 850 Pounds And 20,000 Mg Of THC

This thing would have been a big hit when we were in college.

Man, I rarely dip into my weed stash anymore (THC makes me feel really weird now), but back in college, this would have been a blast. A cannabis shop in Massachusetts decided to hit a lofty goal for National Brownie Day by baking the largest pot brownie in all of history, and if they didn't achieve their goal, then Bob is indeed, my uncle. MassLive reports on the big THC brownie, and boy, is it a sight to behold.

The company responsible for the ginormous brownie is called MariMed. A post on MariMed's Instagram account shows five employees proudly standing behind it, and if I was responsible for something like that, I'd be grinning cheek-to-cheek too.

Get this: the brownie weighed in at 850 pounds and contained 20,000 mg of THC, which is several thousand times more potent than stuff than the heady stuff you can pick up at a cannabis shop. It was three feet on each side of its square base, and 15 inches tall. The company wanted to celebrate National Brownie Day, which was on Wednesday, December 8, and also to promote their new THC brownie product release. MariMed's new brownies contain 5 mg of THC, for comparison's sake.

USA Today reports that the previous Guinness World Record holder for largest marijuana brownie was 243 pounds, which sounds paltry when compared to this beast. It took 1,344 eggs; 212 pounds of butter; 122 pounds of cocoa powder; 250 pounds of sugar; 5.3 pounds of vanilla extract; 81 pounds of flour; and three pounds of salt to create. Apparently they aren't nuts people, since there were no nuts in this big guy.

I wonder how something this large gets doled out. Do people just swarm this thing and grab handfuls of it? Maybe a pickaxe is involved. Or a shovel. Hopefully it tastes better than the ones I wolfed down in college.