World's Largest Cast Iron Skillet Takes A Road Trip

Better get started finding the world's largest chicken to lay that egg we need.

What's that? It's a big ol' iron skillet coming round the mountain. The world's largest cast iron skillet has been spotted on Interstate 59 making its way to a new home, reports CNET.

Cookware company Lodge Cast Iron will be opening a museum in late summer of this year, the brand announced on its website. The 14,360-pound iron skillet, which measures 18 feet from handle to handle, will be one of the main attractions at the new museum in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

As the skillet made its way to the museum destination, the brand tweeted a video of it traveling along the highway. One Twitter user joked about the massive breakfast the iron skillet could hold, and the brand replied saying, "Very close! It could hold ~27 ostrich eggs."

Another Twitter user tagged the brand in a tweet about an incident with two semi-trucks on a highway in which one spilled a large load of potatoes. Journalist David M. Perry tweeted,"POTATO EMERGENCY! What we need is that giant cast iron pan from @LodgeCastIron, and then we're gonna need a lot of oil ... we can do this!" Lodge Cast Iron responded, "Giant skillet was born for this."

While the museum will walk visitors through the history of the brand and process of creating cast iron cookware, my focus is now on the possibilities of this gargantuan skillet. The records that could be broken or even new ones that could be set. Some quick Googling tells me that the record for world's largest hash brown has yet to be set, so there's Lodge's first opportunity to make history at its new museum. What other historic milestones do you think the world's largest cast iron skillet should be a part of? Perhaps a record-setting crepe? Should it go beyond breakfast?