Don't Drink That Wild Cherry Capri Sun

Kraft Heinz is recalling almost 6,000 cases of Capri Sun juice drink pouches.

In case you were about to put a Wild Cherry Capri Sun in your kid's lunch box, stop and read this first.

Just in time for the back-to-school rush, Kraft Heinz is voluntarily recalling 5,760 cases of its Wild Cherry Capri Sun juice pouches after an apparent unfortunate mixup involving cleaning solution, Capri Sun's production line, and, well, the disastrous marriage of the two.

According to Kraft Heinz, a "diluted" cleaning solution was "inadvertently introduced into a production line." The company says it's "working with retail partners and distributors to remove potentially impacted product from circulation." The affected products have a "best by" date of June 25, 2023, and those who purchased any Wild Cherry Capri Sun with that date printed on it should get in touch with Kraft Heinz to discuss reimbursement. Further details can be found here.

The company apparently only realized the mistake after people drank some of the tainted pouches.

"The issue was discovered after we received several consumer complaints about the taste of the affected product," said the Kraft Heinz statement, which seems to indicate that the diluted cleaning solution must have had a prominent flavor profile.

The company's official Twitter account has been responding to tweets about the matter with a blanket statement that people should call for more details. It hasn't tweeted any announcement or acknowledgment of the recall on its main feed. Instead, because the account hasn't posted to its feed for roughly two years, one of the first things visible on Capri Sun's page are tweets from a 2020 marketing campaign in which its pouches were filled with water. The tagline of that campaign, "We're Sorry It's Not Juice," seems rather unfortunate given this week's events.

As for the cleaning solution blunder, only the Wild Cherry flavor was specified in the voluntary recall, so if you have other varieties, you're probably in the clear. From here on out, the wildest thing we ever want to hear about Capri Sun is that it's turning teenagers into metallic goo. Liquid cool!