Tab Devotees Unite In Honorable Effort To Revive Their Favorite Soda

A committee has banded together to demand resurrection of the discontinued drink.

Ever have Tab, the sugar-free cola? It was around for about 60 years and you've probably seen it on the shelves, tucked into the sugar-free section. Tab was always a ubiquitous brand, just sort of always there, but I can say that I've never once popped open a can. In October 2020, Coca-Cola announced that Tab was at the end of its life, and that production of the diet soft drink would cease forever. CNN now reports that superfans are trying to get Coca-Cola to revive the brand, but they're facing an uphill battle.


Some people are stockpiling the drink. CNN interviews a consumer, Trish Priest, who has an impressive 23 12-packs of Tab remaining, but she's rationing the precious soda, and when she gets to the last case, she'll just hang on to it "for posterity," she says. Priest is hoping that with enough persistent fighting, the fans can convince Coca-Cola to bring the drink back.

Another fan took some serious action by starting a group called the SaveTabSoda Committee. It's a group of fans who have banded together to regularly bug Coca-Cola to reconsider its decision. The Committee coordinates days where they call Coca-Cola's customer service line, and they send emails to Coca-Cola leadership in order to bring back their beloved Tab. If only I loved something so much!


If you think the pleas have fallen on deaf ears, think again. Brands do listen to you, even if you feel like you're up against a stone wall sometimes.

"We appreciate the passionate legion of Tab lovers who have reached out and who embraced the brand for nearly six decades," a spokesperson for Coca-Cola said. But for now, it seems the company won't budge.

If Coca-Cola doesn't bring Tab back, members of the SaveTabSoda Committee have decided that they will likely jump ship and start drinking Pepsi products instead, such as MTN Dew zero sugar, Dr. Diet Pepper, Diet Pepsi, and iced tea. You hear that, Coke? People are fed up!

Fight the good fight, Tab lovers. We'll be here rooting for you on the sidelines, on principle and in solidarity.