White Claw Surge Introduces Two New Ways To Get You Buzzed

The higher ABV version of White Claw now has its very own variety pack.

Attention, party people: Remember when White Claw came out with a significantly stronger version of its spiked seltzer called White Claw Surge? We had ourselves a Taste Test earlier this year, and determined that the 8% ABV (compared to the normal product's 5%) is mainly better if you're looking to cut to the chase and go straight to the shenanigans. Back in May when it debuted, though, there were only two flavors available: Blood Orange and Cranberry.


Now, White Claw has added two new flavors to the party—Blackberry and Natural Lime—and with that, there are now enough flavors for a variety pack of 12 cans, including the Blood Orange and Cranberry flavors, packaged in a distinct blue box. All four flavors will be available in single-serve 16-oz. cans as well, for all your shenanigan needs. Summer may be winding down, but the party can still rage on.

Overall, my conclusion was that there's no reason to reach for White Claw Surge if you're seeking a sipper; in that case, the Mango flavor of the original 5% ABV is still where it's at, as that tried-and-true tropically flavored bubbly stuff is still my personal favorite. It's got pleasantly sweet overtones without the sugar and tastes best right out of the cooler. But hey, gotta hand it to White Claw for recognizing that people want the utility of a harder seltzer when the time calls for it.


While United Airlines sells White Claw on domestic flights, I have a feeling White Claw Surge probably won't be hitting the in-flight menu anytime soon. I think flight attendants have to deal with enough mischief (and sometimes mayhem) without letting people go buck wild at 40,000 feet in a flying tin can. You're probably better off partying with Surge in the confines of your backyard, where no one will get mad at you for blasting Kesha on your bluetooth speaker. The new variety packs are available now, nationwide.