You Can Always Get Breakfast At This Burger Chain

Not only does this chain serve breakfast all day, but it's good too.

People still make a huge deal about the loss of McDonald's all-day breakfast since the chain announced it'd be removedĀ due to the pandemic. It's been over two years since then, everyone (since March 2020, to be specific). I'm not sure we'll be seeing the return of a 2 p.m. hangover helper Egg McMuffin anytime soon. But there's one fast food chain that quietly sells breakfast all day, and I can personally attest it hits the spot when you need it, no golden arches necessary.

That magical place is White Castle, home of an eventual fleet of robot fry cooks and diminutive puffy burgers. Breakfast is probably the last thing you think of if you've never had it at White Castle. Hell, I often forget it serves morning meals because I'm always fixated on their sliders. White Castle quietly serves breakfast all day to little fanfare, and if you want an egg sandwich any time of day, I can tell you, they're great.

What does White Castle serve for breakfast?

Just like any other menu, there's a few hits and a few misses. I'd skip the toast sandwiches; though they're full-sized pieces of bread (as opposed to the smaller sliders), the filling-to-bread ratio is off, as you can see in the above photo. In order to make it more satisfying, you'll need to order an extra egg. There's also a Belgian waffle slider, which isn't entirely my favorite either, but mostly because I'm not a big fan of egg sandwiches with sweet bread (like the cloyingly sweet McGriddles).


Instead, I'd recommend you stick with either the original slider with egg and cheese, which is a steam-grilled beef patty with onions, egg, and cheese, or the sausage, egg, and cheese slider. All the eggs in the sandwiches are freshly cooked, which is a detail I love, and the ratio of egg to slider bun is absolutely perfect.

Sure, they might appear small, but that means you can just get two of them, right? A two-egg meal is the right size for me, anyway. One breakfast slider makes a really good snack, and seriously, that fresh egg makes a huge difference, no powdered or liquid egg from a carton here.

The other great thing is that you can mix and match. Want a breakfast slider next to a regular one? Be free and live your life. You can get that combination any time of day. Burgers, hash browns, egg sandwiches, chicken rings, mozzarella sticks, whatever, the run of the menu is yours.


Considering your other choice for all-day breakfast is probably a diner, which has no drive-thru option, White Castle is your next best bet. So don't forget where to head when you're hankering for a late night breakfast-for-dinner situation. It's been right there in front of you this whole time.