How To Get Free Food At White Castle For The Rest Of The Year

Mark your calendars, everyone. It’s going to be a slider-filled season.

It's a promotional strategy as efficient as its Sliders: Rather than roll out individual notices announcing each of its seasonal meal deals across the remainder of the year, White Castle has chosen to drop its entire discount schedule in one fell swoop. Looking over the full lineup of deals and special offers for the fall season, one thing is clear: White Castle really wants to give us free food. Constantly.

Per the announcement, there will be deals on offer all the way up to Thanksgiving, so every occasion from now until then is enough of a reason to hit the drive-thru. Here at The Takeout, we're pretty entrenched in the inner workings of the fast food business and how these chains market themselves to customers. Usually, there might be some hints on social media in the days leading up to the unveiling of a big fast food promotion to get consumers excited enough to "tune in" to the announcement (as we saw with McDonald's Grimace Shake). White Castle just... dumped it all out on the table.

Trust us when we say that dropping a public-facing calendar of deals and promotions all at once is rare—but we appreciate the opportunity to plan ahead. On that note, let's get to the good stuff, and the reason you're still reading. Bring on the slider deals.

September 2023 White Castle deals

For all of the deals below, customers are limited to one free item, and must use a coupon from White Castle's social media, website, or app.

  • International Bacon Day (Sept. 1 to 3): Buy one get one (BOGO) ona Single Bacon Cheese Slider
  • National Waffle Week (Sept. 3 to 10): BOGO Waffle Breakfast Slider (remember, White Castle does a good breakfast!)
  • National Cheeseburger Day (Sept. 18 to 20): BOGO Single Cheese Slider
  • National Coffee Day (Sept. 29 to October 1): Free small coffee with any purchase

October 2023 White Castle deals

  • National Coffee Day (Sept. 29 to October 1): Free small coffee with any purchase
  • Halloween (Oct. 27 – 31): Get $2 off the Crave Clutch (which contains 20 Original Sliders)

November 2023 White Castle deals

  • Veterans Day (Nov. 11): Free Castle Combo or breakfast combo for all veterans, no coupon necessary
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing (Nov. 20 – 26): $2 off a 10 Sack of Original Sliders
  • Black Friday (Nov. 24 – 25): Free small coffee with any purchase
  • Finally, the following deals are only for the brand's loyalty members, also known as Craver Nation:

    • On Mobile (Aug. 28 to Nov. 26): $1 off a Cheesy 10 Sack
    • On Mobile (Sept. 1 to 4): $5 off a Crave Case
    • On Mobile (Sept. 1 to 30): 20% off all mobile orders
    • In-store (Sept. 1 to 30): $1 off Impossible Slider
    • In-store (Sept. 1 to 30): Get a 5-piece Cheddar Cheese Ring for $3
    • In-store (Sept. 1 to 30): BOGO on the 1921 Slider
    • In-store (Sept. 5 to 19): $2 off any combo meal
    • In-store (Sept. 5 to 19): BOGO on Breakfast Sliders
    • There you have it, folks. Three months of nonstop White Castle craving satisfaction to kick off the fall season. Enjoy your tiny burgers and crinkle fries.