White Castle Sells... Clams?

During Lent, White Castle sells fried seafood rarely seen at any fast food burger chain.

Thinking about White Castle might only bring to mind those diminutive sliders, the steam-grilled ones I can crush a bunch of in one sitting. But White Castle sells some pretty unique items beyond its burgers, like cake on a stick and all-day breakfast. And it might surprise you to learn that White Castle sells one unique item for Lent that goes beyond the typical fried fish sandwiches and shrimp: fried clam strips, available on the menu now for a limited time.


White Castle has sold clam strips before

White Castle offering fried clams during the Lenten season, which this year runs between Valentine's Day and March 28, isn't exactly new. But it's something that isn't widely advertised; I only found out because they're briefly referenced in a recent press release announcing the return of Shrimp Nibblers (fried shrimp in both regular and sriracha variety).


A White Castle spokesperson tells The Takeout that prior to the pandemic, the fried clam strips were actually sold year-round in Columbus, New York, New Jersey, and Detroit, while St. Louis and Cincinnati had them on the menu during Lent each year. The strips were discontinued in 2021 amidst shortages and supply chain issues.

While we do love our fried fish sandwiches around this time of year, having another seafood option available at White Castle is great, especially since bivalves aren't exactly common on a fast food menu.

Which White Castle locations serve fried clams?

Nearly every White Castle location will sell these clam strips, which come in small, medium, and sack (White Castle's lingo for "large") sizes. They're back on the permanent menu in New York, New Jersey, Columbus, and Detroit White Castle locations, and they'll be available for a limited time in all other markets except for Orlando and Arizona, where they're wholly unavailable.


The White Castle location nearest to my home has already added the clams to the menu for Lent. Though I don't observe Lent myself, I do love myself some shellfish, so I'll be sure to pick up an order. They'll be available until March 31, in case you're interested in giving them a shot yourself. Pair them with a slider and you've got yourself a real surf-and-turf meal.