Which One Of These Thanksgiving Side Dishes Has To Go?

The Thanksgiving debate comes up every single year.

Okay, everyone, Battle Royale time. Don your helmets (putting whole turkeys on your head is approved), grab your forks and butter knives, take your last swig of gravy, and prepare to fight.

Every year, we talk about which Thanksgiving sides are people's favorites, like this controversial survey of favorite sides by state. But we never talk about standard sides that everyone hates and can live without for the rest of their lives. You know you have one. I can see it on your faces. Fess up!

Let's face it, most Thanksgiving food can be pretty bland. Mashed potatoes don't exactly punch you in the face with flavor, you know? Butter and potato isn't exactly spice city. Then I guess stuffing (okay, dressing) is nice, but isn't there a reason why you only eat it once a year? Are you really reaching for cranberry sauce outside of the holiday? And how often are you making green bean casserole on your own time? Look deep within yourself.

So let's have it. Of these four Thanksgiving sides, if one had to be vaporized completely, erased from history, and never thought of again, which would you pick? I'm warning you, though, these are tough choices.

  • Mashed potatoes (with or without gravy)
  • Stuffing/Dressing
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Green bean casserole
  • I know, I'm being cheeky. I do realize that people will defend some of these options to the death. But I am indeed asking you to pick your least favorite child and boot them from the Thanksgiving table. And I'm guessing that not every Thanksgiving dinner will have all four of these standard dishes sitting on it, because each family has its preferences. So now, you know what to do. Pick one of these four sides that you think can go permanently, and wrestle with your opinions in the comments section.