Thank You, BuzzFeed, For These Food Observations That (Sorta Kinda) Blew My Mind

The internet has some sideways thoughts about hot dogs, cupcakes, and coffee.

BuzzFeed recently rounded up some of the most mind-blowing responses to a Reddit thread that asked, "What are some very different foods that, considering the ingredients, can vaguely be called the same thing?" Here at The Takeout, I have some opinions in response to these responses.


I won't list out all 27 items in BuzzFeed's list, just some highlights, but you can find the whole list here. Let's dive right into the chaos:

  1. "Macaroni and cheese with sliced hot dogs is carbonara if you're super vague about the details": Look, mac and cheese is a struggle meal, and if I'm allowed to call it by another name to feel fancier, then I absolutely will. Thank you to whoever had this thought.
  2. "A corn dog is really just a cheaper version of beef Wellington": I've never had beef Wellington, and I've always wanted to. I probably can't tell people I've had it and say it came on a stick, but this is another one that makes me feel better about my food prowess.
  3. "Soy milk and soy sauce are two VERY different liquids derived from the same bean": Okay, so? I get that these are two products with very different flavor, but I mean, is this really that shocking? Think about all the different things you can do with wheat. I don't think people are running to alert the media on that one.
  4. "We eat shrimp as a delicacy, but they're basically the cockroaches of the sea": It's true. Looking at a raw shrimp, you can't say it doesn't look like an insect. And that goes for most shellfish; there's a reason some people call lobsters "bugs."
  5. "Corn is really just a speedometer that measures how fast your digestive system is working": Absolutely gross observation but also accurate as hell. I wonder if a doctor has ever prescribed corn.
  6. "Ketchup is just a kind of fruit jam": Ketchup is its own glorious thing—you bite your tongue! (Oh, wait.)
  7. "A muffin is just a cupcake without frosting": Didn't we all come to realize this a very long time ago, like the first time we ever saw a muffin? With or without frosting, I'm still eating them.
  8. "Charcuterie is just a Lunchable that went to Harvard": People have literally made entire charcuterie boards out of Lunchables. At this point, we all know we're just repeating childhood, and we're okay with that.

Any other life-altering food notions hit you while reading this?