Last Call: Which Junk Foods Should Get The Cookbook Treatment?

Cheetos released a new cookbook today, titled BON-APPE-CHEETOS: A Holiday Cookbook by Chester & Friends. I hate to admit that the title is making me chuckle, but come on, it's good. The cookbook features recipes from celebrity chefs Richard Blais and Anne Burrell, among others.

You can get ahold of this book by donating to World Central Kitchen, the world hunger relief group founded by chef José Andres and his wife, Patricia, which has provided immediate food relief across the globe following disasters and cataclysmic events. You can also score a few of the recipes at this website, too.

This follows hot on the heels of the MTN DEW cookbook, which was announced just earlier this week. Personally, I find cooking with snacks to be pretty fun, but it's often hit or miss. A few years back I tried to cook multiple dishes with Flamin' Hot Cheetos with varying levels of success. It seems like many other people have done a better job than me, but there's a very good possibility I'm just terrible at my assignments. This leads me to ask: What other junk food or beverage would you like to see get the cookbook treatment? My personal vote is for Red Bull.