Which Foods Aren't Sold Out Of Vending Machines, But Should Be?

Vending machines are convenient, but they don’t sell everything... yet.

The other day I read an article about a butcher shop called The Boozy Pig in Tampa, Florida, that has a vending machine right outside of it, dispensing cuts of meat. KRON reports that the machine is stocked with a mix of raw items like bacon, pork, ground beef, and Italian sausage, along with convenient things like steak and burgers. On occasion it's also stocked with sandwiches. Frankly, that's awesome.

I really wish we had something like this in my neighborhood. Back when I was working in a restaurant and coming home late, many, if not all, grocery stores were closed by the time I headed back. I frequently ate very late at night, so anything other than a convenience store hot dog would have been a godsend.

Even further back, when I used to work in an office in downtown Chicago, I did manage to find a really interesting vending machine by a company called Farmer's Fridge. Farmer's Fridge sells pre-made salads stocked daily (in recyclable plastic jars) that I recall being pretty good. Any heavier and soggier ingredients were placed at the bottom so the lettuce didn't wilt, and a little cup of dressing was always included up top.

There are so many different types of food that can be dispensed from a vending machine. The mechanism allows for all sorts of interesting foods to drop out the bottom. But somehow, we just aren't taking advantage of this technology as much as we could be. Well, here in the United States, at least. Other places seem to get it.

Check out these sick vending machines in Singapore, as featured on LivingBobby's YouTube channel. Some of them dispense frozen food to be used in an attached microwave. One of them is advertised as the world's first Norwegian salmon fillet ATM. One notable vending machine, while not food-related, dispenses gold bars. Imagine how many fillets you could buy with one of those.

The star of the show, however, is a pizza vending machine, which I'm guessing heats up frozen pizza rather than making it fresh, like this Roman one does. That's got me thinking about what other foods would be great dispensed from a vending machine. Yogurt dispensed directly into your mouth? Freshly churned butter? Pancakes? What types of food should be sold in a vending machine for on-the-go ease, but aren't?