Last Call: Smack Barm Pey Wet?

A few months ago, I was made aware of this short video by my fiancée, via Twitter. She messaged me, saying, "Please watch this I watched it the other day and I've been meaning to show it to you but I keep forgetting. I'm obsessed with it."

Since then, I've watched it on my phone multiple times. I've watched it on my laptop multiple times. I then watched it on our TV multiple times. I watched it today again, and I shared it with The Takeout crew, and I am again, watching the video.

The video is originally from, an English culture and news website. For such a short video that's just over three minutes, this thing packs in what feels like an entire season of TV. "Wigan Kebab. Smack barm. Pey wet. Babby's yed."

If those words mean absolutely nothing to you, you will be enlightened in about three minutes once you're done watching the video. I can't tell if this is a compelling exercise in language comprehension as my brain deciphers what's being said, if it's the fascination with the food itself, or if the appeal lies in watching the host's expression as he learns what these terms mean. (He's as puzzled as most of the viewers are as he goes along.)

During the time it took me to write this post, I literally stopped, watched the video again, almost cried from laughter, and am recovering from it for what feels like the millionth time. And I'm going to do it again in about five minutes. Do yourselves a favor and become utterly hypnotized by what feels like the densest food video I've ever seen.