What's Your Go-To Celebration Food?

Whether we’re honoring a birthday or a milestone event, we’ve all got our favorites.

Our hometown WNBA team, the Chicago Sky, celebrated its first WNBA title victory this past Sunday. Chicago's a huge sports city, so as you can imagine, we're proud and excited. Block Club Chicago reports that to celebrate, the team got takeout (our favorite kind of food) from local Chicago chain Portillo's. Like a champion, I too, had Portillo's for lunch today. Does that make me a winner?

The Takeout is a big fan of Portillo's. When we're not tasting something like the newest item on the menu, the spicy chicken sandwich, we're all about the classics. Take the Maxwell St. Polish, for example, which is super easy to make at home. Then there's Italian beef, which was my lunch today, and of course, our top-heavy regional take on a hot dog. You can get all of that stuff at Portillo's, along with this hilariously rich chocolate cake shake, which has actual chocolate cake blended into it.

Chicago Sky star Candace Parker streamed the experience at the drive-thru, documenting a whole car full of people ordering a victory meal. She's previously mentioned her favorite Portillo's order is a jumbo chili cheese dog (no onions), a fish sandwich with cheese, large fries, the aforementioned chocolate cake shake, and an additional piece of cake. Dinner of literal champions.

We've all got our own celebratory foods, whether it's to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, and new jobs. (Speaking of, don't forget to say hello to our newest staff members!)

There's the high-end stuff like steakhouses (complete with gold-leaf-covered steak, if you're into that) and fancy sushi, or anything loaded with caviar. Maybe you have a nostalgic home-cooked meal, which for me would be my mom's Korean food. Or hey, maybe you're a liquid celebration type of person who breaks out the bubbly upon receiving good news. So let's hear it: What are some of your favorite celebration foods?