Choose One: What Is Your Favorite Shape Of Tortilla Chip?

Pick your warrior and let us know which of your chip shape is your favorite.

This morning's breakfast was comprised of tortilla chips and taco dip from Chicago grocery chain Jewel-Osco (if you know, you know). I did briefly consider just scooping the dip out with my fingers—it's that good—but I opted for chips in the end. Now, I usually go with the classic tortilla chip wedges, but this time, I went for chips that are shaped like strips. I soon realized that this was an optimal shape for scraping dip out of a rectangular container (with the small caveat that if you use your leverage incorrectly, you can easily snap the chip).

The longer I think about it, I may, in fact, be a strip convert. While it's admittedly not the best shape for scooping up a thin salsa (no curves), these things can handle a hefty portion of thick stuff like taco dip. Plus they're weirdly fun to eat. They're also pretty easy to munch on without shattering the entire chip with an ill-placed bite.

It's gotten me to thinking: my whole life, I've pretty much just purchased and eaten wedges. I don't like the round, flat ones; they're usually a little big and are prone to breaking, leaving you with a jagged crumbly mess. And if you're at a party, double dipping is a no-no (at least, it better be), which makes the round, flat chip remnants pretty useless. Then there's those weird crimped scooping chips, that somehow net you too much dip per chip. (This can indeed happen, and this opinion is coming from a heavy dipper.) In that case, just go get a spoon. I won't tell anybody.

So here's a poll. Out of these shapes, which is your favorite kind of tortilla chip?

  1. Triangles
  2. Flat rounds
  3. Strips
  4. Those weird scoop ones that look like scallop shells

Sound off, fellow dippers.