Burger King Japan's New Fake Burger Isn't A Burger At All [Updated]

Update, October 27, 2020: Turns out the sandwich was not in fact an egg sandwich, but rather, a chip butty. For those of you who've never even heard of a chip butty, it's a sandwich filled with french fries, so this is some serious carb on carb action. The Burger King Japan version comes topped with a ground beef sauce, and according to the reviewer, it's good.

Original Post, October 20, 2020: According to SoraNews24, Burger King Japan is about to unleash a fake burger on the masses. The news dropped via a mysterious tweet featuring a picture of a photo of a burger that was mysteriously censored over the filling:

But what is it? Judging from the photo, it's unlikely that it is beef, as there's a visible yellow tinge under that pixellated blob. Is it a plant-based patty? Chicken? Fish? The clue is in the price. This sandwich will run you 290 yen, equivalent to $2.75 here. That's suspiciously low for a meaty concoction or a technologically conceived plant substitute.

But even the press release keeps the patty's identity close to Burger King's chest, describing it as "history's first unidentified burger." Oh, the teasing.

Soranews24 theorizes that it's one of Japan's most favorite foods: eggs. Japan consumes more eggs per person than any other country on the planet, a whopping 320. The love of eggs in Japan has led to a wide range of dishes, from the classic tamago to omurice and the beloved 7-Eleven egg sando. Combined with the price, an egg patty seems like a very reasonable guess.

Since we can already eliminate the Chocolate Whopper (thanks, Taiwan!), the Sufganiking in Israel (this one's amazing, featuring a Whopper patty on a donut with ketchup on top of the donut), and the Windows 7 Whopper (which had a mind-boggling seven patties), an egg sandwich seems pretty tame, but we'll find out this coming Friday, October 23.

And we Americans will just be stuck with the Bacon King, the knockoff of the Wendy's Baconator.