What Are You? A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Gordon Ramsay responded to a TikTok critiquing his grilled cheese.

Right out the gate, I'm going to say I am a biased party. I am a big Gordon Ramsay fan, so when I saw a user on TikTok come at him for his grilled cheese sandwich I was ready to fight. Surprisingly though, Ramsay took the critique gracefully and with some humor.


Gordon Ramsay himself is known for his brutally honest (more like harsh as hell) food criticism. One of the greatest moments of television is when he held up two slices of bread to the ears of a "chef" for a sketch on The Late Late show with James Corden called Hell's Cafeteria and asked, "What are you?" The chef was made to reply, "An idiot sandwich." Cruel, but bloody brilliant and representative of his general leadership style. He's a Michelin-starred chef with a bunch of restaurants, so I'd say you can't argue he's an authority on food.

Except, this TikTok user did argue. A TikTok user criticized the grilled cheese sandwich Ramsay made in Tasmania on an episode of his show Uncharted all while showing how they'd do it better, reports Delish. The TikTok user, @Dishedit, disagreed with Ramsay's cheese choices, said he cut his bread slices too thick, and said he burnt his sandwich because his flame was much too high. Dishedit also said Ramsay's decision to add kimchi overpowered the rest of the dish. Ramsay then posted a video laughingly defending his sandwich while also complimenting the sandwich @Dishedit made.


Ramsay's main defense is one I completely agree with, and makes me think the TikTok user didn't actually watch Uncharted before making their sandwich reply. On the show, Ramsay travels to another country where he learns about the culture and food and then makes a meal using ingredients common in that area. A lot of his TikTok response is him saying, "I was in Tasmania! They didn't have that in Tasmania!"

In the end, both sandwiches look delicious. So, all I have to say to this TikTok user is— watch the full episode, ya doughnut!