Free Breakfast Sandwiches At Wendy's This Weekend (And You Don't Even Need To Download An App)

You can get one free Egg and Swiss Croissant, no purchase necessary.

We've got a Friday the 13th coming later this week, and Wendy's is turning the culturally unlucky number into an excuse to give away free food. From August 13-14, Wendy's will be giving away one free breakfast croissant sandwich per customer, with our three favorite words attached to the deal: "No purchase necessary." I'm not going to complain about anyone turning some bad mojo into good vibes.


Newsweek reports that the freebie sandwiches are the Sausage, Egg and Swiss Croissant along with the Egg and Swiss Croissant, and excludes the Maple Bacon Chicken version. When we tried Wendy's breakfast for the first time last year, we gave a big thumbs up to the croissant-style bun for its hybrid qualities as both a bun and a croissant. Plus any excuse for me to grab the potato wedges and some biscuits and gravy is a good one. Not enough biscuits and gravy exist in the world, or on my plate.

How to get free food at Wendy’s this weekend

As previously mentioned, since no purchase is necessary, all you have to do is walk in (or drive through) and ask for a sandwich. Best of all, you don't have to go through a sneaky fast food mobile app that might be tracking your every move or collecting your personal data or anything. This concept shouldn't feel so refreshing, but it does. The only limitation on the offer is whether or not the store runs out for the day, so plan on arriving early.


Turns out the breakfast menu has treated Wendy's very well, as it's padded the company's bottom line significantly, even when the pandemic was kicking businesses in the gut. Plus the brand managed to strike a chord with the young'uns through tech and marketing, and in the end, it all sort of worked out. Though I'm still a diehard McMuffin fan and none of you can step between us, I can't say the lure of free sandwiches isn't really tempting. I'll see you all at the drive-thru this weekend.