Wendy's Has Free Food This Month—here's How To Get It

You’re going to need the Wendy’s app on your phone to take advantage of the deals.

Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff. Especially free food. Lucky for me, Penn Live recently reported on ways to get free or cheap food from Wendy's this month. Yes, you'll need the Wendys' app in order to access the freebies, but there are some pretty good deals in there.

If you've been keeping tabs on the Wendy's news, you might remember the brand's recent announcement: Wendy's is dropping new french fries, which supposedly fare better for delivery purposes and stay crispier for longer. (I hope that's the case, because the old fries never seemed to hit the spot for me.) Per Penn Live, you can get them for $1 every day in September via mobile order, drive-thru, or old-school restaurant visit.

Then there's a $2 discount on premium combos, which includes items like the chain's new Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger. That burger comes with cheddar, bacon jam (we have our very own recipe for that), bacon, crispy onions, American cheese, on a toasted cheddar bun.

For National Cheeseburger Day, which is September 18, Wendy's is doling out free burgers all week long (September 13-19) in a buy-one-get-one deal, also via the app. That includes burgers like the Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger and other premium items like the Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, which features bacon, crispy onions, bourbon bacon sauce, and American cheese (I tried it a while back for lunch; it's decent if you like sweet sauces).

Finally, in slightly related news, Wendy's is also selling a series of books, called Boo! Books, through October 31. They're $1 and also include five coupons for free junior Frostys, along with an in-app coupon for free fries (any size) with any purchase. Those sales will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. I wonder if the books are a hit with the 40-year-old food writer crowd; I have been looking for a good book to read on the back porch. I hope they're Pulitzer material.