7 Of The Weirdest Food Subreddits That Exist

From bread stapled to trees to shower oranges, Reddit continues to be a strange and satisfying place.

Reddit is a pretty great resource if you're looking for productive (and not so productive) conversations about food. But as with most public online forums, the subject matter can get really weird really quickly, and food discourse in particular can turn wacky on a dime.

We've dug around to find the most surprisingly strange food-related subreddits dedicated to topics you've probably never even thought to wonder about. Once you toss yourself down the weird food rabbit hole, you'll likely be down there for a really long time, so grab your favorite drink and get your clickin' finger ready.


You've heard of a shower beer, right? How about a shower orange? There's an entire subreddit, r/ShowerOrange, where people share the joy of savoring an orange in the shower. Sure, it's most likely a bunch of lighthearted internet trolling, with everyone taking a picture of the same goofy thing, but out of all the unexpected things you can eat while maintaining your personal hygiene, an orange seems like an oddly specific one. Oddly refreshing, too. The scent of citrus does give off that sparkly fresh feeling, doesn't it?



Yes, that's right. There's a subreddit called r/BreadStapledToTrees, where people share photos of themselves... stapling bread to trees. I know. I simultaneously get it and don't get it at the same time. I was made aware of this subreddit through Bon Appétit, which explained that this practice began in March 2017 by a high schooler. Fast forward to now, and this oddball practice has stuck around due to its meme potential.


Is this absurd? Of course. Is it funny? Also yes. Plus I'm sure local birds and wildlife enjoy this practice very much. Everyone wins.


Everyone loves a good eating challenge, and r/EatItYouFuckinCoward is an endlessly browsable compendium that it's hard to look away from. Most of the posts in this subreddit involve all sorts of stunt-like food, including content engineered to go viral like this video of someone making a bizarre rose-and-chocolate mess or this scary-looking scorpion taco. It all sort of feels like kids egging each other on in the school cafeteria, so take a look—I double dog dare you.



r/StupidFood is exactly what the URL suggests; it's a subreddit dedicated solely to stupid food. Hey, nobody said food had to be serious. In it, people share some pretty gnarly things they've either made or found on the internet, like these Chicago morning news show hosts eating a tuna and pear pizza, or this salad with chicken nuggets on top, or something curious called "sushis poutine." I suppose "stupid" is a relative term, but I'm still pretty sure most people wouldn't be reaching for these concoctions on a regular basis.



Certain types of upscale or ambitious restaurants are known for their unusual plating styles. And sometimes there are no actual plates involved whatsoever. Subreddit r/WeWantPlates is a whole wonderland of posts that involve nothing but oddly plated food, like this interesting iguana... something, a shovel with a pork shank in it, and an ice cream sundae served inside a metal lunchbox, to name a few examples.


Sure, creative plating can result in some photogenic presentations, but if you get too creative, no one will know how to physically eat what you've served.


The name of this subreddit says it all. r/ShittyFoodPorn is basically just a massive collection of terribly non-photogenic cuisine that most users post of their own food. It's a reminder that the meals we eat aren't always going to be Michelin-star-worthy affairs, especially if we're so hungry that we just slap together whatever's in the pantry and call it dinner.


Check out this "Hawaii toast," which appears to be a set of open-faced sandwiches consisting of ham, canned pineapple rings, and melted cheese. Someone posted a photo of their father's mysterious gelatinous meat plate with a side of mayonnaise. Oh, and here's a photo of someone's beef and broccoli that's pretty hard to understand. Most of the food is just 50 shades of brown, but hey, we're not here to judge. Just gawk.


Pizza, with its many styles and interpretations, is one of the most contentious foods to ever exist. (Trust me, I used to make pizza for a living, and the arguments were exhausting.) Good thing there's a whole subreddit dedicated to ripping on pizza fouls: r/PizzaCrimes. This is where people air their grievances about the things people do to innocent pizza, such as this odd chicken, rice, corn kernels, and Oreo cookie pie. You may want to avert your eyes from this post about pizza topped with spaghetti and entire sausage links, and frankly, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be. Welcome to pizza hell.