We Drank 20-Year-Old Snapple With The Stars Of The Adventures Of Pete And Pete

The Adventures Of Pete And Pete has long been both an A.V. Club staff favorite and a sort of weird '90s kid rallying call. So it's been our great pleasure to become friendly with Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna, otherwise known as the show's two brothers Pete. The chummy redheads were in Chicago for a live show and taping of their podcast, The Adventures Of Danny And Mike, and knowing—as we do—that they're up for pretty much anything, we decided this would be a fine time to spring a taste test on them. The subject? Twenty-plus-year-old Snapple Tru Root Beer, which has been languishing in the Eakin family fridge since the mid-'90s, around when The Adventures Of Pete And Pete was actually still on. We've actually been trying to taste test this old-ass Snapple for a while, but have never actually done it, lest (as Josh Modell feared) we poison someone. As you'll see below, the crystal clear beverage didn't kill anyone (so far), though it does make for some funny taste testing and playful faux-brother-to-faux-brother banter. And thus, as Artie The Strongest Man In The World would say, everything was pipe.

The Adventures Of Danny And Mike is available on both iTunes and Feral Audio, or via the podcast's actual website.