We All Benefit From Bottomless Brunch

This isn't only about mimosas, but they do help sweeten the deal.

As you may or may not know from my previous writing, I am a brunch bitch and proud of it. That being said, I didn't realize until recently the actual value behind a bottomless brunch deal. Whether you're a fan of brunch outings or not, you might look at a bottomless brunch deal as a way to get drunk on mimosas at a discount price. This is absolutely true, but there's more to this deal than just bargain drinks on a Sunday morning.

Bottomless brunch benefits both customers and restaurants in a time when inflation is hitting everyone's pockets hard.

What you get from bottomless brunch

Bottomless brunch isn't just about the mimosas, though they do play a role sometimes. Some restaurants like The Fremont in the River North neighborhood of Chicago offer a brunch package that includes both food and drink. The Fremont offers patrons an all-you-can-eat buffet along with mimosas for $75. Or, there's places like El Mariachi Tequila Bar which offers bottomless mimosas with an entree for just $28.


Add up the usual costs of an appetizer, an entree, and a glass of champagne on its own, and you'll start to see where you could take advantage of a deal like this. Play your cards right and you'll end up getting more than your money's worth at the buffet. Champagne also isn't cheap, so if you have a few mimosas you're already on the right track.

Plus, add a drag brunch to the deal and you've got drinks plus food plus entertainment. That's extra bang for your buck and no one's going to convince me otherwise. The main point of going to a place that has bottomless brunch isn't even so much the food or the drinks, either. Although great drinks and delicious food are always desired, people go out for bottomless brunch to have fun in a group. Does bottomless brunch sounds like a solo mission? No.


What restaurants get out of bottomless brunch

For a restaurant, bottomless brunch deals and packages are just guaranteed money from generally larger groups.

Sure, the restaurant might be pouring more glasses of champagne than usual, but they're likely not pouring top shelf products so the return on investment helps to balance the cost of multiple pours. I also have to admit that although I always aim to get my money's worth of bottomless drinks, for safety and health reasons (and sheer desire to remain coherent), I usually don't make it past four to five drinks. I'm definitely not causing any restaurant to go bankrupt anytime soon.


Much like a go-to bar, when people find a brunch spot they love, they tend to stick with it. This means consistent weekend brunch deals will keep customers coming back. Also, larger groups tend to mean larger tips for servers (as long as patrons are fair and not jerks).

Bottomless brunch deals are a win-win situation many of us need right now. There's really just a lot going on in the world (my personal doom scrolling is not under control). So when you can find little bright spots like a delicious meal for a steal and some drinks with friends, I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity and appreciate it for what it is.