Grocery Stores Try To Make Thanksgiving Cheaper This Year

Thanksgiving dinner can be a strain on the wallet, and these deals are designed to alleviate it.

Inflation has been an issue plaguing shoppers for multiple holiday seasons, and even as the worst grocery price spikes subside, the strain that certain groceries impose on our budget is impossible to overlook this time of year. Though the focus should be on family gathering and celebration, creating an affordable Thanksgiving dinner can be a major source of stress.

Thankfully (be grateful we're getting these puns out of the way early), some grocers are offering discounts tailored to our Thanksgiving spread. Here's where to find budget-friendly options for the feast this year.

Walmart’s Thanksgiving deals in 2023

In a recent survey of customers, Walmart found that 92% of shoppers have concerns about how inflation will impact their holiday celebrations. Although the holiday is still about a month away, Thanksgiving meal planners can take comfort in the fact that two seasonal bundles have already been announced.


From November 1 through December 26, Walmart customers can snag two different Thanksgiving meal bundles, each at a price comparable to what it would have cost to make the same meal in 2021. One of the meal bundles is an ingredient-focused basket for those that want to make dinner from scratch. The basket includes a Thanksgiving turkey priced at less than $1 per pound, as well as ham. The other bundle includes ready-to-bake items like a pumpkin pie and stuffing.

Both bundles can be ordered on the brand's website or via the app for pickup or delivery.

ALDI’s Thanksgiving deals in 2023

Walmart is not alone in its efforts to win customers with a Thanksgiving meal deal. As it has done in the past, ALDI is once again offering steep discounts on all products traditionally involved in putting together a Thanksgiving meal.


Also starting in November, ALDI will be offering price reductions of up to 50% on over 70 holiday season products. This deal includes items such as gravy, potatoes, green beans, cranberries, and pumpkin pie, as well as ingredient staples such as butter and flour. The price reductions will run through the end of 2023.

By calculating the cost of serving a Thanksgiving meal to 10 people and factoring in the price reductions detailed above, ALDI estimates customers will be able to include three more people at their Thanksgiving feast for the same cost.

As October comes to a close, let's hope that more grocery stores announce similarly affordable Thanksgiving meal deals, or else we'll all have to adopt the "buy now, pay later" approach.