Take That, Tortilla Hack, There's A New Wrap In Town

This morning my sister sent me a YouTube video that has been all the rage on Korean YouTube lately. It's highly reminiscent of the TikTok tortilla wrap hack that got everyone in a tizzy for about five minutes. Check it out:


(Apparently our mom sent her the video—Mom, why didn't you send it to me too?!)

It's worth watching for the ASMR alone, if you're into that sort of thing (it's kind of like nails on a chalkboard to me, but there are no judgements here). But basically, you take a giant rectangular sheet of seaweed, or as we call it gim, cut the gim halfway through, stopping at the center, and then fold it up into a neat little square packet.

You can fill the quadrants with whatever you like, including Spam (a favorite of mine), cheese, veggies, kimchi, drywall, snow, you name it. Once you're done, wrap it in plastic so it holds together while you cut and transport it. There's also an interesting tidbit about soaking the Spam block in warm water in order to melt out a bit of fat and leach out salt too, which is something I'll be trying later at some point, if I give this a shot.


The video has only been out for a few weeks now and it's racked up over two million views. Just like the tortilla wrap, the possibilities are truly endless.