Help United Pick The Next Flavor Of White Claw For The In-Flight Beverage Cart

The friendly skies want to provide more than just mango

This season is shaping up to be the summer of hard seltzer, and for good reason: it's an easygoing sipper that doesn't go too heavy on the alcohol (well, usually). Flavors are getting better and more varied than they used to be back in the dark days of 2019, and for that, consider us grateful. These days, you can get hard seltzer at more bars and restaurants, too, as well as on domestic flights.

United Airlines is cool with hard seltzer. Mango White Claw became available in June for purchase on flights between United hub airports and all other flights longer than 200 miles. It seems to be doing well, because now the airline is asking customers to help choose which flavor of White Claw should be served next. The flavors that have been nominated, per a press release, are Black Cherry, Ruby Grapefruit, Watermelon, and Natural Lime.

There are multiple ways to vote, and they're all pretty easy. There's Instagram: if you share a photo of your favorite flavor on Stories and you tag @united, they'll take that as a vote, even though it will disappear after 24 hours. On Twitter, United will be posting pictures of all the candidates; you vote by retweeting the photo of your favorite. And on TikTok, all you need to do is post a comment on this video.

(Psssst. If you're voting, choose grapefruit or lime. Citrus performs better with the bitterness of carbonated water and alcohol.)

Mango is already the best flavor of White Claw, so really, you're just going for runner-up. Based off of recent history, however, it's probably best that the airline avoids White Claw Surge, because it sounds like there are a bunch of clowns that can't handle basic human interaction: Recently Southwest Airlines and American Airlines felt the need to ban alcohol sales until people start behaving better (good luck to all of us with that). Why is this so hard for some people? Not assaulting flight attendants doesn't feel like it should be difficult.