Uber Eats Just Lost Snoop Dogg As A Customer

Snoop is open to letting other delivery apps into his life. Looking at you, Postmates.

Uber Eats just lost a major customer thanks to a hesitant delivery driver. Snoop Dogg called out the company on his Instagram account because a driver did not want to deliver his food to his location, reports Complex.


Snoop Dogg took to his Instagram account to post a video displaying text messages between himself and an Uber Eats delivery driver. As Snoop Dogg scrolls through the messages, he can be heard complaining that the driver never came with his food, calling the driver a "punk" and saying that Uber Eats has all his money. The Uber Eats driver evidently sent messages back to Snoop Dogg saying, "This is not a safe place."

I'm trying to give the delivery driver the benefit of the doubt here that perhaps the message didn't correctly convey what they meant. Maybe the delivery driver meant that the spot where the food was going to be dropped off was not a safe place for the food to be sitting? It's unfortunate, but people do steal packages and food off of doorsteps. Sometimes even animals come sniffing for delivery orders.


On the other hand, Snoop Dogg's message to the driver indicates that the delivery person should "pull up to the gate," and then he adds more specifically, "the black gate n drop off the food I paid 4." It's unclear whether the driver was making a delivery to Snoop Dogg's home or elsewhere. Snoop is understandably frustrated, but calling out the driver on a social media platform where Snoop has 67.5 million followers feels like a bit much.

Either way, Uber Eats is taking a hit on this one, because in addition to the video posted, Snoop Dogg also added in the caption, "Uber eats where my food at😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡. @ubereats 👎🏿. Post mates holla at me." Looks like a new Postmates campaign with Snoop Dogg might be hitting our social media some time soon.