Check Your Bag Of Tyson Dino Nuggets Right Now

Tyson’s popular dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets are being recalled due to metal pieces.

T-Rex- and Brachiosaurus-shaped chicken nuggets might be more hazardous than they appear. Tyson Foods is issuing a voluntary recall of about 30,000 pounds of its fully cooked dino Fun Nuggets, so you should make sure to check your freezer as soon as possible.

The Fun Nuggets specified in Tyson's recall are only those sold to retailers in 29-oz. packages. They were produced on September 5 at one location; Tyson is advising consumers look for these product codes:

  • 2483BRV02 07
  • 2483BRV02 08
  • 2483BRV02 09
  • 2483BRV02 10
  • The product will have an establishment code of P7211 and a "best if used by" date of September 4, 2024. The dino nuggets with those codes were sold in Alabama, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The USDA is keeping information on the recall up to date.

    The recall was issued after a "limited number of consumers" reported finding "small, pliable metal pieces" in the nuggets. According to the USDA, only one minor oral injury has been reported from someone who ate the nuggets. However, Tyson is choosing to recall 29,819 pounds of the product "out of an abundance of caution."

    Although the company is recalling the nuggets voluntarily, the USDA's Food Food Safety and Inspection Service is concerned some people may still have bags of the chicken product in their freezers, so it's worth double-checking.

    If you do have these not-so-fun dino nuggets in your home, do not eat them, no matter how fun and harmless they might look. Instead, Tyson and the USDA advise people to return them to where they were purchased (you can almost always get a full refund) or simply throw them out. But before tossing the potentially harmful nuggets away, be sure to cut out the barcode and date code from the packaging, and call or text 1-855-382-3101, Tyson's Consumer Relations number.