Toothpaste And Orange Juice Are Finally Friends, Thanks To Tropicana

Tropicana is dropping a toothpaste that doesn't ruin the taste of orange juice.

One of the few statements we can all agree on is that the taste of orange juice after brushing your teeth is absolutely disgusting. Looks like Tropicana understands our pain, because the company has announced that on November 1 it will introduce a limited-edition Tropicana Toothpaste. Finally, I can brush my teeth and enjoy breakfast immediately after.


According to a press release sent to The Takeout, the toothpaste won't actually be for sale on November 1, but OJ enthusiasts can enter to win one by leaving a comment on Tropicana's Instagram page to possibly receive a free "fresh surprise" from the brand. Since the company is being so cryptic about the details of this product drop, it's hard to tell if my toothpaste and breakfast aspirations will come true after all. If it actually works as well as they say it does, it should be a product available all year round.

"Tropicana Toothpaste is different from other toothpaste because it was specifically designed to protect the delicious taste of orange juice," said a brand representative. "It does not include sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) as an ingredient, a cleaning agent prevalent in toothpaste that contributes to the bitter aftertaste from brushing your teeth with toothpaste and then drinking OJ."


Tropicana, experts in orange juice, played it smart by partnering up with outside experts in product formulation. I'm so unreasonably eager to try this toothpaste that my expectations for its actual cleaning power are low as hell. I don't even care if three out of five dentists agree it works. I just like the possibilities this might open up for future flavor combo fixes. If we get the chemistry right, I could finally get people to understand my odd craving for chocolate after a pickle (and vice versa). Dynamic Blending Specialists, call me!