What Were You Thinking, Tropicana?

In holy-shit-what-were-you-thinking news, sobriety activists learned of a Tropicana ad campaign featuring celebrities like Molly Sims, Gabrielle Union, and Jerry O'Connell that appeared to encourage parents to de-stress from the holidays by hiding a stash of booze and OJ and drinking mimosas in secret.

Page Six has the news. "The two biggest red flags someone has an alcohol problem is hiding the consumption from others, and relying on alcohol to get through the day," Martha Duke, a spokeswoman for the sobriety support network Recovering Out Loud told Page Six. Tropicana sent influencers and celebrities refrigerators disguised as laundry hampers and tool boxes to allow them to hide away and have a drink in an otherwise inconspicuous location.

These ads were featured on celebrity Instagram accounts. Molly Sims called it her "Mim-moment," where you can hide in your closet to "pretend like you have a hamper" while you grab a drink from the mini-fridge concealed inside. The ad showed her revealing the Tropicana fridge filled with alcohol, and saying, "It's amazing. It's so I can be a better mom. The best mom."

Gabrielle Union's ad shows her sneaking off into the bathroom in her robe to help herself to a cocktail from ingredients she has stowed away in the vanity mini-fridge. O'Connell's ad featured him sneaking drinks out of the toolbox-shaped mini-fridge. All the ads have been removed from Instagram.

A search for the hashtag #takeaMimoment on Instagram yields a lot a criticism for the ad campaign but also a lot of support from within the sobriety community, especially among mothers.

The company apologized via Instagram.

"We want to apologize to anyone who is disappointed in or offended by our recent campaign," Tropicana said, "The intent behind it was in no way meant to imply that alcohol is the answer or make light of the struggles of addiction.

"While we believed we were bringing the #TakeAMimoment program to life in the right way through a message of positivity and balance mixed with a bit of levity – we hear the feedback that for some we've missed the mark," it continued. "Accordingly, we're ceasing any further activity in support of the campaign. We value the comments and perspectives that have been shared and will use it as a lens for evaluating future campaigns."