Snowstorm Toronto: A Tale Of Determination And Defeat

The call of takeout food was too strong to keep this person inside in a snowstorm.

In a land not far from the bitter Chicago cold this writer is currently living in, is an even colder land called Toronto, Canada. There, a terrible, heavy snowstorm hit, and one brave soul decided to risk it all for a bite to eat, reports The Daily Hive.

Nicey's Eatery, a Caribbean food restaurant in Toronto, posted to its Instagram account a video from outside the establishment's entrance on January 17. In the video, a person wearing a mask and winter jacket can be seen walking knee-deep in the snow right up to the entrance. When they realize the restaurant is closed, they fall to their knees in complete disappointment. I've made many trips to restaurants so eager to fill my empty stomach with one specific item on the menu only to discover they're closed. But, I've never done it in close to a foot of snow.

Anyone who watches the video feels for the individual during that crushing moment of realization. The owner of the restaurant had nothing but compassion for the person in the video. "I had to watch that video multiple times, and each time, I felt his pain. I was in disbelief that someone would come out of his house to buy food," said Valerie Lai, owner of Nicey's Eatery. Lai has also offered to give the snow traveler a free meal, but so far, no one has come forward as the person in the video. Hopefully, news of this offer reaches the person in the video and makes up for their disappointing journey.

As heartbreaking as it is to see the person in the video get up and have to trudge away in the snow empty handed, I like to think this weary traveler eventually found an oasis of food that exceeded their expectations.