Subway Tackling "High-Tech" Bread With Tom Brady

The rolls are being dubbed the “Beyond Meat” of bread.

I've always craved more technology in my sub sandwiches. Okay, maybe that's a lie. I've never said those words before in my life. I do enjoy a toasted Subway sandwich, and it looks like that next sub is about to get more tech-filled with the addition of Hero Bread sandwich rolls, and Tom Brady.

A press release sent to The Takeout explained that Hero Labs, Inc., a food tech company, just launched its first product, which is a sandwich roll that looks, smells and tastes just like traditional bread. But it contains zero grams of sugar, one gram of net carbs, 100 calories, 12 grams of protein and 26 grams of fiber. Tom Brady, an investor in Hero Bread, also announced on his instagram story that the rolls will be available in certain Subway locations. "I'm not the biggest bread guy, but there's a new bread even I can eat," said Brady.

Here's a fun fact about the founder of this bread of the future company, Cole Glass: he worked at NASA, SpaceX, Apple and other major tech companies, but doesn't have any background in food or food science. So why the hell is he making bread at all?

Turns out this was an idea born of necessity. Glass was born with "severe food allergies related to pollen and is unable to eat nutrient-rich staples like fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts." These allergies and the common desire for wanting what you can't have, are what led to the creation of this newfangled bread.

Brady isn't the only celebrity investor in this new bread company. Other big-name investors include Kevin Durant, The Weeknd, and Lil Baby. Who knew that these celebs had such a deep love and desire for low-carb bread? Maybe the bread they seek is actually the money kind.

Subway has always gone for a healthier-for-you image, so this venture into low-carb, zero-sugar options sounds on par for the brand. The rolls will be available in Boise, ID, Colorado Springs, CO, Des Moines, IA, and Savannah, GA through mid-December. From there, the brand has created a sweepstakes where consumers can nominate a city for Hero Bread to come to next and enter for a chance rolls and swag for themselves.

While free bread and bread-themed swag is always welcome, I think I can just wait for the nationwide launch on this one.