Tim Hortons Is Finally Making A Comeback

After some rough patches, the Canadian donut chain seems like it’s recovering.

Tim Hortons has been through a rough patch, with seven straight quarters of declining same-store sales. But now, the famed Canadian donut chain is bouncing back. Its same-store sales numbers are up 27.6% and things are looking better for the future overall, Yahoo Finance reports. This is a big win for a brand that we saw struggling through early this year.

I've never ordered from a Tim Hortons, but everyone who has ever nibbled on a Timbit seems to have an unwavering love for the chain (which is understandable, since Timbits look just like Dunkin's Munchkins). The coffee seems to be a big hit too, and there seems to be a lot of nostalgia for the place. Tim Hortons is owned by Restaurant Brands, the (very cleverly named) multinational holding company whose portfolio also includes Burger King and Popeyes—yet Tim Hortons outperformed these other brands in terms of sales for the second quarter. I'm no expert, but that seems impressive.

CEO of Restaurant Brands, Jose Cil, explained that menu changes might be the secret to Tim Hortons' success.

"We have been investing quite a bit in quality of food and quality of beverages, Cil said. "We launched fresh cracked eggs. We also launched our cold brew, our quenchers and our new ring-filled doughnuts."

There's a new loyalty program in place too, which is boosting its digital orders. (Though you might want to steer clear of its mobile app, which is possibly tracking you. We've got our eye on you, Tim.) The brand is opening 200 stores in China this year as well. Perhaps someday Chicago will be gifted a location of its own?

There are some locations in the United States, mostly clustered in the Northeast. (There was a push to expand the chain within Minnesota a few years back, but those locations have since closed.) If any of you are big Tim Hortons fans, I'm curious to hear what fuels your love for the place. Is it the donuts? The sandwiches? The Canadian politeness? Inquiring minds (specifically mine) want to know.