Who Wants A Slice Of Jason Derulo?

Jason Derulo and a TikToker teamed up to make a cake of... Jason Derulo.

Jason Deru-looo, the pop star notorious for singing his own name at the beginning of his tracks, can now stake a new claim to fame: human cake model. Page Six reports that Derulo partnered with TikToker Lara Mason, who goes by @lara_cakeanything, to have a cake made in his own likeness. Mason worked with Derulo to create the cake, posting two videos to TikTok for the world to eat up.

The first video, featuring Derulo, shows him on the phone with Mason asking for the cake, to which she agrees to do. The video then shows her making the life-sized cake, fusing and molding layers of sheet cake together, then decorating the exterior. The exterior includes intricate details, like Derulo's tattoos and the exact outfit he's wearing at the beginning of the TikTok video—even his necklace and watch. The final frame shows the cake version of Derulo sitting on a kitchen counter, with Mason posing next to it while giving a thumbs up. It's a pretty impressive—and time intensive, I'm assuming—project.

The second video, which is weirdly graphic, shows Mason carving giant chunks out of the Derulo cake (arms, legs, head, you name it), then taking bites of it with another thumbs up at the end. If you're wondering what Jason Derulo tastes like, it appears to be a blend of chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla sheet cake. A respectable mix of the cake spectrum.

Man, I want to be cool enough to have my very own cake statue made. If you modeled me currently, the cake would feature me wearing a work-from-home outfit (cargo shorts, striped red polo, glasses, slippers), clearly in need of a haircut, sitting on a ratty chair at a slightly messy desk. If you're listening, Lara Mason, do mine next! Dennis Leeeee!