TikToker Discovers The Most Unholy Way To Apply Avocado To Toast

TikTok is the gift that just keeps on giving. A user on TikTok found a novel and mildly repulsive way to dispense avocado directly onto toast, and no, it's not a spoon or a fork. Thanks for the heads up, Delish!


This is the most millennial thing I've ever invented. #unnecessaryinventions

♬ original sound – Unnecessary Inventions

Basically, this guy with the apt username @unneccessaryinventions, decided it would be a good idea to use an emptied out deodorant container for the purpose of dispensing mashed up avocado. Call me old-fashioned, but the idea of Pure Sport Plus Sweat Defense Antiperspirant-scented avocado toast sounds like a terrible idea to me. I mean, come on. There's no way you're getting the smell out of that plastic dispenser. I don't think the name Old Spice was supposed to refer to seasoning for your food.

I am, however, always into things that make your life easier, so I appreciate the sentiment. Tools like avocado slipcovers that keep your avocado from turning brown are suddenly really boring. But you know, as a food nerd, I take great delight in useless food inventions. Like, who doesn't want an inedible motorized ice cream cone or an inflatable buffet holder? The inventor's spirit still lives on!

Personally, I'm an enormous fan of the Rollie Eggmaster, an indescribable device that extrudes your eggs in what feels like a vulgar display of culinary technology. (This one truly has to be seen to be believed). I am happy to say I have a Rollie Eggmaster, and it is easily the most entertaining piece of kitchen equipment I own. I've never laughed so hard when making a tube of eggs I can ostensibly eat in a hot dog bun. But anyway, bravo to innovation, even if it's semi-gross, yet semi-entertaining for the benefit of videos that end up being 60 seconds or less.