How Much Sauce Does It Take To Turn A Subway Footlong Into... Some Kind Of Bisque?

At Subway, you can ask the sandwich artist to make you a sub sandwich...straight out of your dreams. Life is precious, so dream big. Believe in yourself. One customer at Subway sure did, and TikTok user @immommyanddaddy2 (awesome handle) captured the sandwich's creation on video. The Independent tells the tale of the soggiest sandwich to ever have been born.


I hope this customer doesn't see this 🥲 but oh well 🤓

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This is one intense sandwich. I'll never look at those squeeze bottles the same way again. As the video kicks off, you can hear the customer saying, "More!" while the sandwich artist squeezes a shitload of creamy sriracha sauce on the sandwich. The sandwich is already drowning in sauce by the time the video starts, so I'm guessing at least half the bottle's on that thing before we even see it.

Then, if you listen, you can hear the customer saying, "Drown my sandwich! It needs to be oozing!" After a continuous hefty drizzle, which is taking some muscle on the employee's part, the customer says, "Yes...more. More!" More creamy sriracha. Then finally, "All right, that's good. Actually, a little more." She leans in to examine it and said, "Yes, that is good enough." Then the video ends. Chilling.

User @immommyanddaddy2 captioned the video with, "I hope the customer doesn't see this but oh well." Well, if the customer doesn't see it, that's one thing, but TikTok has definitely seen the video. More than 5.7 million times. Most people didn't take to the video so well, with at least one person commenting, "This can't be real, I literally refuse."

Another person said, "That's not a sandwich anymore, that's a whole drink." Other people were supportive of the customer's life decisions.

"Ok but now 200-plus people are making fun of this person who is literally just ordering a sandwich and being themselves, not hurting anyone," one viewer said.

Another user said: "It takes a certain level of confidence to ask for more like that in a Subway." Other people thought it was just a TikTok stunt (my gut says this is a real video). And apparently, the customer knew exactly what she was doing with it, because when offered a knife and fork, @immommyanddaddy2 said that she "likes getting her hands messy." Just looking at that sandwich makes me feel like I need to shower, but next time I'm at Subway, maybe I'll try that sauce because there might be something to it. Just not quite as much.